The Christian Educators Journal invites you to participate in its first annual Substitute Teachers Educational Webinar (STEW)!

We at the Christian Educators Journal have a great appreciation for substitute teachers. We realize that being a substitute teacher is often a thankless job with few rewards. Acknowledging this, the CEJ is excited to offer STEW to any and all substitute teachers hungry for resources that will help them succeed in their next sub placement.

Here are just a few of the topics that will be covered in our STEW:

Making the most of any lesson plan: While the best teachers to sub for are the ones who leave you with a test to give or a video to show for the hour, you cannot count on this level of generosity from all teachers. Some will expect you to teach. And we want you to be prepared! In this segment, we will teach you how to turn a question around when you don’t know the answer: “That’s a great question, Carl. What do the rest of you think about the trend toward socioeconomic stratification in the rural areas of Norway?” We’ll also suggest fun activities to fill the last ten minutes of class when the plan runs short including “Where’s the class pet?” “If you can sit quietly, I’ll give you all gum,” and “Top ten prank ideas for you little monsters to consider for when your teacher comes back.”

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