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October 2019: Every school has them. They affect learning every day. Some teachers are told to ignore them. Others are told exactly how to respond to them. What are they? The are “The Elephants in the Classroom.” Whether these elephants are in the form of hotly debated political issues, differing understandings of the Bible, or even disagreements between students and administrators, we all know about them. But should we talk about them in class? What do we say when students ask about our opinions on them? How can these discussions be handled in age-appropriate ways? How can civility be modeled and maintained in the midst of strong opinions? This issue will focus on giving educators guidance on what to do with “The Elephants in the Classroom.” Contributions can be submitted to business@cejonline.com.

December 2019: This issue will focus on the changes coming to Christian schools as they shift to intensive use of digital devices in learning — laptops, internet, tablets. We want to look beyond simple cause-effect questions (like, do laptops make the math scores go up?) and look more at how technological change is changing the fabric of the Christian school community. What happens to our ideas of Christian schooling when there is rapid change in the technologies we are using? Are we just going to do the same thing but with new tools, or is technology reshaping how we understand education, how students are formed? What kinds of things to Christian educators need to be thinking about if they are to approach new technologies with Christian discernment? This issue will highlight research conducted by the Kuyers Institute over the last four years.


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