Project-Based Learning: Culture-Making for Shalom Communities

Project-Based Learning


A Vision for Education

Education reform has been a hot topic in North America for many years. In 2011, Barack Obama focused his State of the Union address on America’s need to “Win the Future.” The speech highlights education as a primary pillar in a global competition for dominance: “If we want to win the future . . . then we also have to win the race to educate our kids,” he says. Education as competitive nation-building is a vision for schooling in North America. We need to give students an exceptional education that gets them into college or university so that they can self-actualize their dreams and strengthen our global economic influence. How does this vision compare with the mission and vision of Christian schools?

In the fall of the same year as Obama’s “Win the Future” address, approximately a thousand Christian school educators in Ontario were gathered at Edifide’s annual education conference, listening to Andy Crouch talk out of his book Culture Making. Crouch encouraged us to believe in our ability to participate in God’s desire for cultural flourishing in our role as educators.
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