Technology, Faith, and Practice

Technology? Social media? Have you examined your beliefs about these topics as a Christian and as an educator? Have we had the kind of dialogue together that we need around this topic? It is my hope in writing this article that it will stimulate thoughtful dialogue. Let’s examine together the spiritual implications of technology use, our larger concerns about technology related to student faith formation, and pedagogical directions that will best help our schools to meet their missions and equip our students.

We are living in incredible times! Sometimes, however, we don’t take the time to process one advance well because the next one is upon us, so we may adopt an approach of resistance or numbness and we are not as thoughtful as we should be. As I consider these topics, I am optimistic about the times we live in—partly because that is how God has wired me, but more because I truly believe in the sovereignty of God. My belief in God’s sovereignty does not excuse me from living as thoughtfully and responsibly as possible. I must do so because I am part of God’s restoration process in this world, and my actions will have implications for the next world. I have been called by God to be not only his image-bearer, but also a creative force in the world. In order to create in the culture and time in history in which God has placed me, I must be familiar with (and be able to use productively) the tools of the time. I do not have the choice of opting out if I truly believe I am here to affect the world.

Therefore, in talking about technology as part of my life as spiritual worship to the Creator, I really like the definition that Challies and Dyer have co-created: “Technology is the creative activity of using tools to transform God’s creation for practical purposes.” Since Adam, people have used tools to help human flourishing and as “an attempt to overcome the effects of the fall”. .. .How might we see technology as pivotal to our work as educators? What are our concerns, and what are the unique opportunities before us? [This is only part of the article. Want to read more? Subscribe to the website by choosing "Register" from the menu above. It's free!]