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April 2013


This issue invites you to engage in a time of reading, reflection, and conversation about how we do our work as educators and how we can gain a better understanding of our students, of their concerns, and of the ways in which they see themselves and the world. The need for such reflection was brought […]

Not Sure

  If you are absolutely, perfectly sure that once upon a time there were, in fact, two naked people tending the greenest garden of flowery delights, something beyond human imagination, and that those two, male and female, got themselves and all humankind brought into sin and darkness by a serpent who conned them into eating […]

Practically Human

  “Art critics talk about art. Artists talk about where to buy good turpentine.” —George Santayana Reading Practically Human made me want to attend Calvin College. Fortunately for me, I already have; unfortunately for me, Practically Human had not yet been penned when I was there. I spent the entirety of my undergraduate career matriculating […]

Shop Class as Soulcraft and Intergenerational Lost and Found

  Harry Van Belle is a retired professor of psychology who has taught at both Redeemer University College in Ontario and The King’s University College in Alberta. His latest book is a heart-felt plea to bridge a deep chasm between two generations: emerging adults and their parents’ generation. If you have never heard of “emerging […]

Teaching and Christian Practices

This review was previously published in the September 2012 issue of Pro Rege and is reprinted with the permission of the author and Pro Rege. In Teaching and Christian Practices, editors David Smith and James Smith, along with several Christian university professors, wrestle with how faith is integrated into the acts of teaching and learning. […]

A Reformed Christian Perspective on Education

Is the purpose of Christian education to isolate or immunize students, to protect them from a secular culture or prepare them for it? Is it better to organize lessons by kind of literature, by history, or by theme? Should Christian schools be governed by the church, or by an association of parents? Can a Christian […]

Make Just One Change

I almost didn’t buy the book. After all, if the change the authors are suggesting is in subtitle, why pay for the explanation? How hard can this be? As it turns out, this book is one I have been recommending to others because it has been very provocative to my thinking and I believe it […]

Ten Restful Books to Get Your Imagination Working Again This Summer

Every year seems to bring more demands upon teachers. We need to realign to the common core standards, remap our courses to eliminate overlap, differentiate our instruction, make our classroom more transparent, improve our relations with the constituency, define academic language, and many more things besides our overall task of teaching our students about all […]

Be Advised

How do you choose your leisure reading? Do you browse the aisles of your local bookstore or library? Perhaps a good friend or colleague keeps you supplied with a list of titles, or maybe you belong to a book club. I read Twilight when it became popular among the grade 7 and 8 girls I […]

Notes on a Reading List

Teaching is a tough job. First of all, it happens beyond our jurisdiction. Concepts ranging from reducing fractions to splitting infinitives are created and stored somewhere in the brains of those on the other side of the desk. These strange scraps of thought are stockpiled as words and pictures and wired for sound. But even […]

So Many Books, So Little Time

Our newest member of the panel, John Walcott, introduced the theme of this issue by sending the following message to the panel contributors: This issue of CEJ focuses on “Good Books that all Christian Educators Should Read.” I would like you, therefore, to submit recommendations of books in keeping with this theme, but also to […]

The Postmodern Column: What Happens If Fictional Characters Recommend Real Books?

Name: Gordon Winkle Position at Bedlam Christian High School (BCHS): Industrial Arts Teacher Book Recommendation: My favorite book to read is Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen. His section on the mythos of searing meat is itself worth the price of the book. There are lots of explanations […]