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April 2013


This issue invites you to engage in a time of reading, reflection, [...]

Not Sure

  If you are absolutely, perfectly sure that once upon a time [...]

Practically Human

  “Art critics talk about art. Artists talk about where to buy [...]

Shop Class as Soulcraft and Intergenerational Lost and Found

  Harry Van Belle is a retired professor of psychology who has [...]

Teaching and Christian Practices

This review was previously published in the September 2012 issue of Pro [...]

A Reformed Christian Perspective on Education

Is the purpose of Christian education to isolate or immunize students, to [...]

Make Just One Change

I almost didn’t buy the book. After all, if the change the [...]

Ten Restful Books to Get Your Imagination Working Again This Summer

Every year seems to bring more demands upon teachers. We need to [...]

Be Advised

How do you choose your leisure reading? Do you browse the aisles [...]

Notes on a Reading List

Teaching is a tough job. First of all, it happens beyond our [...]

So Many Books, So Little Time

Our newest member of the panel, John Walcott, introduced the theme of [...]

The Postmodern Column: What Happens If Fictional Characters Recommend Real Books?

Name: Gordon Winkle Position at Bedlam Christian High School (BCHS): Industrial Arts [...]