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April 2014

To Read a Good Book

This issue once again offers our readers a number of suggestions of good books to read over the course of the upcoming [...]

Foreign Languages for Everyone

As a teacher in training at Calvin College in 2004, I had the opportunity to work as a tutor for the French [...]

Redefining Fair

  In my twenty-five years of teaching, I have learned a few things about students: their natural ability is not a substitute [...]

If Truth Be Known

  Christians have responded to the theory of evolution in a multitude of ways. Some saw conflict between the scriptures and the [...]

Shaping a Digital World

  I will admit that I initially did not intend to read the book Shaping a Digital World: Faith, Culture, and Computer [...]

Top Ten Books for This Summer to Remind You What Rocks About Reading

1. Fleischman, Paul. Whirligig. New York: Macmillan, 1998. My friend Kim has recently returned to the joy of reading. This one is especially [...]

Beauty in the Word

This century hosts one of the first generations—according to the late Arnold Toynbee—that does not deliberately teach morality and ethics to children [...]

Evolving in Monkey Town

Evans, Rachel Held. Evolving in Monkey Town: How a Girl Who Knew All the Answers Learned the Ask the Questions. Grand Rapids, [...]

Reading Suggestions for Teachers and Their Students

In keeping with the theme of this month’s issue, John Walcott asked the panel members to recommend some of their favorite books [...]

Confessions of a Poor Reader

For most, reading is a pleasurable skill that is acquired almost imperceptibly. I’ve heard it’s like waking up one morning suddenly knowing [...]

The Reports of the Death of the Book Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, or Kleinhut Defeats Dewey

“He’s not going to get away with it this time!” Librarian Jon Kleinhut was so angry his ear hairs were standing straight [...]