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April 2019

A Different Person

"You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books [...]

Ten Excellent Young Adult Books and Graphic Novels You Should Probably Read as Soon as You Can

Young Adult (YA) literature is exploding. A broad range of stories is coming out right now in the unprecedented numbers of books [...]

Early Reader Books Students Already Love, Ones They Should Read, and a Few to Avoid

Over Christmas break this year, I read Waking the Rainbow Dragon (Dragon Masters #10) by Tracey West. I did this because before [...]

Top Ten Picture Books from 2018

This year was another outstanding one for picture books. Once again, narrowing down this list to just ten was an almost insurmountable [...]

Read to Lead: Three Books Every Administrator Should Read

Whenever I find a book that I love, everyone around me knows about it. According to my new favorite book, 5 Voices, [...]

Seeing Ourselves in Literature

I was at my desk collecting writing assignments when Hannah, one of my sixth graders, walked over. “Mrs. Blok,” she said, “when [...]

Lost at School by Ross Greene

As many school principals can attest, much wisdom can be found in drawing on the expertise of an entire school team when [...]

Navigating Media and Gender with Our Students

In today’s age of fake news and media hysteria, faculty members of Christian schools must be able to both discern what is [...]

Watch Your Step

“Watch your step,” we were told by our soft-spoken guide. And then a second time as we drew in close to see [...]

She Reads to Conquer Or The Books U Give

Christine Lopez stood outside the biology room, staring at Sam Toomer’s classroom door. It was Friday, the students had left, and after [...]

April 2019