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April 2020

April 2020

What We Read: Resource Review Issue

Editorial By Abby Zwart and Steve Tuit If your classroom and home are anything like ours are, they’re filled with books. (And [...]

Staff Reads: Our Experience with Summer Book Club

*Please see this month’s editorial for more context on this article. Introduction: What We Did Becoming a “Lifelong Explorer” is one of [...]

Eleven Standout YA Books for Curriculum, Read Aloud, or Classroom Libraries

Young adult literature continues to be fertile ground for an amazing range of books covering almost every subject imaginable. Below are quick [...]

Review of: Confronting Christianity

I was teaching a grade twelve biblical studies class when something unexpected happened. In a class full of strong minds and bodies, [...]

Review of: The Standards-Based Classroom: Make Learning the Goal

by Cory Nikkel and Matt Townsley The Standards-Based Classroom: Make Learning the Goal touts the expertise of two practitioners who have worked [...]

Review of: How I Wish I’d Taught Maths

Presentation Craig Barton, a British math teacher, introduces his topic in a humble fashion—unusual among educators. He endeavors to talk about being [...]

Christian Considerations for Choosing Books about the Holocaust

by Martha Mahtani and Bill Boerman-Cornell The Holocaust perpetuated on the Jewish people by the German Nazi party during World War II [...]

Ask Not for Whom the Final Bell Tolls . . . ; or, This Is How It Ends—Not with a Bang but with a Principal’s Whimper

    Bedlam’s principal, Bentley VanderHaar, should have been relaxed. It was springtime, his favorite season. Trees were budding, flowers sprouting, and [...]

In Memory of Bert Witvoet

Bert Witvoet edited the Christian Educators Journal for about ten years, starting in the fall of 1999 and continuing through 2009. That [...]