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December 2018


Every day one of our Bible teachers selects a quote to add [...]

Doubt Away

The title of this article can be taken in two different ways, [...]

Losing Faith in Church

A young man in the circle decided to be vulnerable: “I have [...]

“In the Beginning George…”

I was drained. It had been an emotionally and mentally taxing class [...]

Faith AND Doubt

The young woman sat across from me in my office, visibly nervous. [...]

On Holy Ground

“Ever since I was old enough to fold my hands and close [...]

Preparing for and Responding to Doubt in the Classroom

Our panel gathered together remotely to talk about doubt and how we [...]

Spiritual Humility: Learning to Manage While Managing to Learn

Many people experience a defining moment that shapes what they will become. [...]

Portrait of the Student as a Young Atheist Or The Unbearable Weight of Being (Curious)

Maxwell Prentiss-Hall, Bedlam’s counselor, entered the teachers’ lounge at break and slumped [...]

Everything I Needed to Know About Education, I Learned from the Movies

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