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December 2019


Last fall I sat at the back of a classroom, one of many visited to monitor student interns, and watched a teacher [...]

Are Children Getting Too Much Screen Time in School?

One of the most noticeable recent technological changes in our homes and schools is the proliferation of screens. Televisions have given way [...]

Devices, Teachers, and Students: How Are Our Choices Shaped?

Talking about technology in schools seems to come with a built-in temptation toward arguing about big threats and promises. Digital devices will [...]

Teaching Well with Technology: Learning from Teachers

Twenty-first-century digital devices are packaged with the promise of revolutionizing student learning through access to more knowledge, increased organization, wider connectivity to [...]

Technology and Community: Changing Parental Roles and Teacher Workload

When a school community chooses to invest in and employ digital technologies, the impact of the choice extends beyond the school walls [...]

Modern Devices and Ancient Disciplines

A number of years ago Microsoft ran a commercial for the Windows Phone 7. It portrayed a variety of people immersed in [...]