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December 2010


As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love. If you keep my commands, you [...]

Schools as Communities of Grace

What do you remember about your time in school? Most people answer that question with a story about a person they remember—a [...]

Professional Development in Christian School Communities: Five Affirmations

This past summer, the Calvin College educational leadership graduate course (EDUC 531) explored the topics of professional development and supervision. One of [...]

Schools as Communities: Some Guidelines for School Leaders

As school communities move towards becoming “communities of grace,” the question arises how this concept of community is to be reflected in [...]

Drawing a Line or Choosing Inclusion? The Place of Special Education in a Christian School Setting

Last November, I was blessed to be a part of leading a wonderful, integral, and responsive discussion on the role of special [...]

Pet Peeves About Parents: Turning Problems into Partnership

When asked to remember problems with parents, a teacher in Tennessee related this experience: One mother stands out. She complained to the [...]

A Week in the Life: Building Community at Covenant Christian School

Monday. Monday begins like most other days, as I play the role of official greeter to all the students entering through the [...]

Community in the Classroom

Question 1 I am curious how to develop a community in your classroom that is encouraging for everyone in the classroom, so [...]

A Reflection on Chickens, Christian Education, and Community

“Community then becomes the laboratory in which our hopes and dreams become real … A worldview, a mentor, a community—these are the [...]

Christian Schools and Community

September 10, 2010 Al Boerema starts the conversation about Christian schools and community. Good morning, I hope your year got off to [...]

It’s a Pun-der-ful Life—Or: Puns Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Jan Kaarsvlam has been teaching sixth grade at Ripon Christian School, but is on an extended leave since finding out that he [...]