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December 2014

Hope in a Troubled World

As I write this editorial, the news broadcasts are dominated by stories [...]

The Cultural Mandate: Is a Student’s Math Work as Sacred as Her Prayer?

  This article first appeared in the Christian Teachers Journal (Australia) and [...]

The Spiritual Lessons of Emerging Adulthood

The student’s words unsettled me. We had been discussing the topic of [...]

Some Assembly Required: A Teacher Wish List for the New Year

In a few days, most of the wrapping paper will be recycled, [...]

Teaching Young Offenders: A Spirituality of Practice

  Reflecting back on my own career in education, first as a [...]

Psalm 23 for the Elementary Teacher

The Lord is my teacher; I won’t miss out on anything I [...]

What Happened in Aslan’s Classroom?

C.S. Lewis’s book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe allows Christians [...]

English as a Stressful Language: A Challenge and an Opportunity in Writing Instruction

“The foreigner living among you must be treated as your native-born. Love [...]

Shepherding a Child’s Heart

If you ask someone why they became a teacher, it is doubtful [...]

Making Stories: Law, Literature, Life

As is the case in any good story, Jerome Bruner’s book about [...]

Current Events in our Classrooms

As educators, we interact on a daily basis with students who are [...]