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December 2015

The Educator’s Journey(s)

In our careers as educators, we have all seen a wide variety of approaches that our colleagues take to do their work. [...]

The Teacher as Tourist

We have all met tourists. Tourists are the people we see with fanny packs and cameras around their necks; they usually stick [...]

The Teacher as Traveler

For most of us, the term traveler evokes imagery of journey and voyage, but as the etymology of the term viator clarifies, [...]

The Teacher as Pilgrim

In 2012, when Emilio Estevez released his film, The Way, many people began to talk about walking on the Camino de Santiago. [...]

The Teacher as Adventurer

When I think about teaching as an adventure, I cannot help but recall the year our high school wind ensemble set out [...]

The Teacher as Refugee

My experience in education has been colorful. My formation as an educator began as a North American transplanted to and growing up [...]

The Teacher as Guide

When Jon Krakauer published Into Thin Air about the Everest disaster of 1996, the world suddenly became interested in Mount Everest and [...]

Teacher Talk

You don’t need a calendar to know that school is back in session. Campuses across the country are freshly manicured, halls are [...]

Of Tenacity and Morning Glories

When I was in college, I had a summer job working at a plant nursery. I spent hours weeding and hoeing, and, [...]

The Hipster’s Guide to the Galaxy, or The Importance of Being Earnestly Relevant

Bible teacher Cal VanderMeer sat alone on a Monday morning, enjoying a quiet cup of coffee before school began. He had just [...]