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December 2017

December 2017

Editorial I found out at a Monday morning prayer meeting that Josh had died in a motorcycle accident. I first met Josh when he was a student in my sophomore English class. Before then, I had known him as the kid who wore his Boy Scout uniform on the first day of school (a habit […]

Milk and Honey: Cultivating Community in the Christian School

Several years ago I came across a fascinating study of childhood development that has significantly affected how I understand human life. In this study, one group of children was born in prison and raised in harsh, even unhygienic conditions, but they were raised by their mothers. The other group of children was raised without their […]

Coming Together in Times of Loss

The year of 2016–2017 was a year like no other at Holland Christian Schools. It was full of events, programs, new initiatives, and a site visit for accreditation; but despite all those happenings, in many people’s minds 2016–2017 will be forever marked as a year of pain and loss. As a school community, we were […]

Learning to Walk in the Dark

Life quickly becomes the curriculum in our classrooms. Week after week Christina, your second-grade student, misses school; her headaches turn out to be a brain tumor. One of your colleagues arrives home after school to find her sixty-year-old husband dead on the floor from a heart attack. When you ask José why he has been […]

Developing a Successful Team Culture:  Authentic Community in Athletics

Each new school year begins with a set of goals. Administrators, teachers, athletic directors, coaches, and support staff work diligently to set their objectives and plans for how to meet those goals. As this new year begins, I want to challenge us to think about specific goals for athletics in our Christian schools. Objectives such […]

Authentic Community Panel

I had the privilege of “sitting down” (via video conference) with our three panelists—Rebecca DeSmith, Gayle Monsma, and Justin Cook—to talk about authentic community.  John: The focus of our conversation is the idea of authentic community in our schools and classrooms. To begin, then, let’s just start from our perspectives. How do you define authentic […]

Building Authentic Community: Design Matters

As an architect, design matters. The design of a building or a place shapes how people experience the environment in which they reside. Conversely, space that is poorly designed for its intended use negatively affects a person’s experience. As a follower of Christ, design matters. It is evident in Scripture that design mattered to the […]

Ten Ways a Community Can Create More Community

by Bill Boerman-Cornell and Neil Okuley During a 2005 commencement address, author David Foster Wallace pleaded with the graduates of Kenyon College to be aware of and do battle with what he called our “default setting.” He argued that our default setting is thoroughly self-focused, preventing us from truly being able to see and connect […]

A Day in the Life of a Student Teacher

The most accurate depiction of any given day in a student teacher’s life must start at about 10 p.m. Any good student teacher attempts to get a minimum of eight hours of solid sleep because they know that teaching requires you to be able to stand up for long periods of time. The issue with […]

Of Chapel Committees and Kings; Or, Cal and the Art of Automotive Maintenance

Industrial arts teacher Gord Winkle gathered up his notebook, pen, and folder; stuck an emergency Snickers bar in his front pocket; and locked the door to the shop. It was third hour. Still two periods to go until lunch time, and now he had to walk to the other end of the building and climb […]

The Christian Educators Journal invites you to participate in its first annual Substitute Teachers Educational Webinar (STEW)!

We at the Christian Educators Journal have a great appreciation for substitute teachers. We realize that being a substitute teacher is often a thankless job with few rewards. Acknowledging this, the CEJ is excited to offer STEW to any and all substitute teachers hungry for resources that will help them succeed in their next sub […]