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December 2017

December 2017

Editorial I found out at a Monday morning prayer meeting that Josh had died in a motorcycle accident. I first met Josh [...]

Milk and Honey: Cultivating Community in the Christian School

Several years ago I came across a fascinating study of childhood development that has significantly affected how I understand human life. In [...]

Coming Together in Times of Loss

The year of 2016–2017 was a year like no other at Holland Christian Schools. It was full of events, programs, new initiatives, [...]

Learning to Walk in the Dark

Life quickly becomes the curriculum in our classrooms. Week after week Christina, your second-grade student, misses school; her headaches turn out to [...]

Developing a Successful Team Culture:  Authentic Community in Athletics

Each new school year begins with a set of goals. Administrators, teachers, athletic directors, coaches, and support staff work diligently to set [...]

Authentic Community Panel

I had the privilege of “sitting down” (via video conference) with our three panelists—Rebecca DeSmith, Gayle Monsma, and Justin Cook—to talk about [...]

Building Authentic Community: Design Matters

As an architect, design matters. The design of a building or a place shapes how people experience the environment in which they [...]

Ten Ways a Community Can Create More Community

by Bill Boerman-Cornell and Neil Okuley During a 2005 commencement address, author David Foster Wallace pleaded with the graduates of Kenyon College [...]

A Day in the Life of a Student Teacher

The most accurate depiction of any given day in a student teacher’s life must start at about 10 p.m. Any good student [...]

Of Chapel Committees and Kings; Or, Cal and the Art of Automotive Maintenance

Industrial arts teacher Gord Winkle gathered up his notebook, pen, and folder; stuck an emergency Snickers bar in his front pocket; and [...]

The Christian Educators Journal invites you to participate in its first annual Substitute Teachers Educational Webinar (STEW)!

We at the Christian Educators Journal have a great appreciation for substitute teachers. We realize that being a substitute teacher is often [...]