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February 2012


Some recent items in the news: Education officials in South Korea, as reported by BBC News on October 18, 2011, have decided that starting with the 2015 school year, all textbooks will be removed from classrooms in the country and all student resources will be digitized and accessed online. Beverly Public School in Toronto, Ontario, […]

Technology Has a Message

  It is often stated that technology is merely a tool. The typical argument goes something like this: it’s not the technology itself, it’s what you do with technology that counts. This notion fails to recognize that technology itself embeds a message. Ever since the first personal computers emerged a little over thirty years ago, […]

Social Networking and the Spirits of the Age

Social media such as Facebook are formative in the lives of many North American teens. There is no end in sight to the popularity of this type of Internet-based social interaction. Christian school teachers, who we hope are also play a formative role in the lives of students in their teens, should understand how Facebook, […]

Technology, Faith, and Practice

Technology? Social media? Have you examined your beliefs about these topics as a Christian and as an educator? Have we had the kind of dialogue together that we need around this topic? It is my hope in writing this article that it will stimulate thoughtful dialogue. Let’s examine together the spiritual implications of technology use, […]

On Which Side of Which Digital Divide Are You?

Another version of this article is available in the February 2012 issue of The LINK, a quarterly publication of the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia. Once upon a time there was nothing to click, flick, or swipe (Ohler). Enter Microsoft and Apple. Then, for the fourth time in Western civilization, the cultural bedrock […]

The Practice of Using Technology

I was recently reminded of the truth of Clive James’s words: “It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.” There are many times throughout the year when my perceived dependency on technology is strangely heightened. Just last week, I completed my daily instructional duties and planned on working […]

Technology in Schools

Al Boerema prompts the conversation: We and our students are surrounded by new media and technology. Reflect on the impact that you see this having on the classroom and your students’ learning. What are the positive and negative effects in your experience?   November 14, 2011 Mary Ashun starts the conversation: I’d like to get […]

From Dittoes to Digital

As I look out my window this morning, I am struck by the beauty of the dazzling sunshine reflecting off of the multiple solar panels that cover our sunroom. The cozy warmth of the wood stove, coupled with the heat produced from newly installed panels, makes sitting and reading a divine experience. As I enjoy […]

You Can’t Judge a Band by Its Covers, or Ye Cannae Judge a Bain by Ets Caevers

Jan Kaarsvlam has just been appointed head chapel sponsor at Western Michigan Christian in Muskegon, Michigan. The three bands that he would most like to see play in chapel at his school are “Bruce Boxleitner and the Reasonable Substitutions,” “ Spoiled Meat,” and “Vomitorium.”    It was time for chapel at Bedlam Christian School, and […]