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February 2012


Some recent items in the news: Education officials in South Korea, as [...]

Technology Has a Message

  It is often stated that technology is merely a tool. The [...]

Social Networking and the Spirits of the Age

Social media such as Facebook are formative in the lives of many [...]

Technology, Faith, and Practice

Technology? Social media? Have you examined your beliefs about these topics as [...]

On Which Side of Which Digital Divide Are You?

Another version of this article is available in the February 2012 issue [...]

The Practice of Using Technology

I was recently reminded of the truth of Clive James’s words: “It [...]

Technology in Schools

Al Boerema prompts the conversation: We and our students are surrounded by [...]

From Dittoes to Digital

As I look out my window this morning, I am struck by [...]

You Can’t Judge a Band by Its Covers, or Ye Cannae Judge a Bain by Ets Caevers

Jan Kaarsvlam has just been appointed head chapel sponsor at Western Michigan [...]