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February 2013


Thoughtful Christian educators, realizing that they live and work in a rapidly [...]

Christian Education: Authentic and Sticky

    Four things have become clearer to me in recent years. [...]

Project-Based Learning: Culture-Making for Shalom Communities

  A Vision for Education Education reform has been a hot topic [...]

Adventures in Project-Based Learning

I figured it would be a pretty easy thing to do. About [...]

Project-Based Learning and Gardening

Like most teachers, I have asked students to work on projects in [...]

My Journey to Project-Based Learning

Three Days into My Teaching Career, 1994 Twenty-nine students dutifully pulled out [...]

Spaces Where Learners Flourish

Spaces where learners flourish are spaces of discovery and possibility, where imagination [...]

Welcome Back

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose [...]

Transformational Teaching

Al Boerema began the conversation by asking the panel members to reflect [...]

Beware the Rex’s March, or It’s All Greek to Me

“The books are here!” English teacher Christina Lopez shouted excitedly as she [...]