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February 2019

February 2019

Personal Development as Professional Development

I am a 3 with a 2 Wing. For those unfamiliar with the Enneagram, the previous sentence may sound like a foreign language or the beginning to an enigmatic riddle. Let me explain. I began studying the Enneagram after hearing an overview of it in a podcast interview. Essentially, the Enneagram is an ancient system […]

Preparing to Share: What I Learn When It’s My Turn to Speak

Most of us, sometime in childhood, were offered this solemn advice from a peace-loving teacher or parent: “If you want to have a friend, be a friend.” The adage has wider application, I’ve found, than we might have suspected when we stood by the swings and considered our social options. One is this: if you […]

The Power of Collaboration in Christian Schools

When a teacher leader approached the Grand Rapids Christian High School faculty in 2012 about “the PLC” (professional learning community) process, we were convinced that this was another educational initiative, an acronym even, that would fade away if we just waited it out. We were being asked to work collaboratively in our teams (departments) and […]

Professional Development in the Digital Age

While we spend our waking hours at schools surrounded by people, as educators we may sometimes feel isolated and lonely in different ways. We may work with exemplary professionals, but we may not always have colleagues who share our personal educational philosophies, specific interests within our profession, or even our faith in Christ. When we […]

Not-So-Professional Development: A Missional Challenge

Teaching is a challenging job. Myriad difficulties and surprises confront teachers on any given day. Christian educators also bear the ever-present responsibility of discipleship. What do Christian teachers need in order to succeed in the face of their daunting mission? Jesus calls those who are burdened to come to him, wear his yoke, and learn […]

Discerning the ‘isms’ in Teaching and Learning

(Editor’s Note: The original version of this piece was published in the November 2018 issue of the Christian Teachers Journal, an Australian publication. It is reprinted with permission. While it does not address the topic of professional development specifically, Dr. Partridge’s analysis of the role of behaviorism and cognitivism on Christian education provides a thoughtful […]

Professional Development

This month our panel gathered to talk about professional development and some of our stories related to this topic. To start our conversation, I asked the panel to share experiences of professional learning or development that came from out of the ordinary or unexpected sources or experiences. Justin: The first one that comes to my […]

An Awkward Trust: Maintaining Relationships in the Tension of Doubt  

About a decade ago, Emma came into my class, eager to learn. She was the dream eighth-grade student. She was funny and thoughtful, and she viewed the world through the eyes of someone much older. Her faith was deep, her understanding of Scripture mature, and her convictions sincere. I could go on, but she was […]

Confessions of a Bedlam Doughnut Eater Or Professional Development Comes for the Librarian

Gord Winkle sighed with happiness. It was second period, his free period. The only other person to share his free period was Carrie Wellema, the choir teacher—and since the choir room was so far away from the staff lounge, she seldom made the trek. That meant that Gord was all alone with the five big […]

How Christian Schools in North America Respond to Snow: A Scientific Sample

Will you get a Snow Day? Click here to find out!