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February 2019

February 2019

Personal Development as Professional Development

I am a 3 with a 2 Wing. For those unfamiliar with [...]

Preparing to Share: What I Learn When It’s My Turn to Speak

Most of us, sometime in childhood, were offered this solemn advice from [...]

The Power of Collaboration in Christian Schools

When a teacher leader approached the Grand Rapids Christian High School faculty [...]

Professional Development in the Digital Age

While we spend our waking hours at schools surrounded by people, as [...]

Not-So-Professional Development: A Missional Challenge

Teaching is a challenging job. Myriad difficulties and surprises confront teachers on [...]

Discerning the ‘isms’ in Teaching and Learning

(Editor’s Note: The original version of this piece was published in the [...]

Professional Development

This month our panel gathered to talk about professional development and some [...]

An Awkward Trust: Maintaining Relationships in the Tension of Doubt  

About a decade ago, Emma came into my class, eager to learn. [...]

Confessions of a Bedlam Doughnut Eater Or Professional Development Comes for the Librarian

Gord Winkle sighed with happiness. It was second period, his free period. [...]

How Christian Schools in North America Respond to Snow: A Scientific Sample

Will you get a Snow Day? Click here to find out!