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February 2023

February 2023

This is Our Father’s World

I grew up watching the classic Disney films of the 1990s. Aladdin was a favorite, as were Mulan and Beauty and the [...]

Citizen Science: Real Data for a Real Need in the Real World

I am standing on the bridge in a local park near our high school in Fridley, Minnesota. It is a beautiful day [...]

Solar Education: An Integrated Community-Wide Approach

In the fall of 2020 I received a call from a local electrical contractor that had worked on our high school building. [...]

Embodying Climate Change Education: Stories in the Secondary Science Classroom

Climate change education. What do these three words call to mind? When you hear these three words, how do you feel? What [...]

Self-Care as Creation Care

When God made the world, he crafted light, seas, land, vegetation, sun, moon, stars, and animals (Genesis 1). He also crafted humans, [...]

The Environment of Here and Now: Place-Based Eco-Stewardship for Young Learners

The first marker on any map is not the discovery of where you’d like to go but where you are. Our particular [...]

The Litter Principal

The War on Litter The commentary surrounding the war on litter continues to make headline news and impacts school curriculum. To grab [...]

Exploring the Wonder and Delight of God’s Creation in the Christian Classroom

When I was four years old, our preschool teacher took us outside the classroom to explore some wonders of nature at the [...]