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October 2013

Why Do We Teach?

Most of us who are educators, probably wonder from time to time [...]

Top Ten Tips for New Teachers of English Language Learners

Whether or not you graduated from college with an emphasis in teaching [...]

Project Based Learning: The Perspectrum Project

The Motivation Paulo Freire, in his book The Pedagogy of the Oppressed, [...]

An Art Curriculum for the Elementary School

As schools everywhere try to economize, one of the areas that, regrettably, [...]

The School House Rock

Some of you may have the wrong impression. First you’ll notice there [...]

Service Learning: Developing a Lifestyle of Service

Service, community service, and service learning are buzzwords that describe the good [...]

Something Wiki This Way Comes, or Muted Expectations

“I’ve just about had it up to here with that old barnacle-busting, [...]