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October 2017

FAST (Faith and Science Teaching)

Last night, our school held its annual open house for parents. Throughout [...]

Science and the Christian Faith in the 21st Century

Fifty years have passed since I took my first college biology course. [...]

Teach FASTly: Faith and Science as a Pedagogical Challenge

We live in an age in which what we think we know [...]

The Nature of the Nature of Science

After nearly twenty years of teaching science at the secondary level, I [...]

Rejoicing in Resurrection and Expunging Excrement: Teaching Science in the High School Bible Classroom

How old is the earth and what do the days of creation [...]

Controversy as Opportunity: A Symposium on Origins within a Christian Secondary School

Observers of Christian schools and the wider American culture know the depths [...]

Relational Virtues in the Science Classroom

In my first few years of teaching, nothing made me more nervous [...]

Across the Curriculum, Across the Hall

I am a product of Christian education from kindergarten through college. I [...]

Reflecting our Maker: Teaching Science through Maker Experiences

D-cell batteries power a flickering of miniature light bulbs across a kindergarten [...]

Parent Teacher Conference BINGO card

Acknowledging that many of our readers will be participating in hours of [...]