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October 2022

October 2022

What Faith Has to Offer Science

In my class, we end the semester by reflecting together on what we have learned and what we hope to carry forward. [...]

Community, Communion, Classrooms

Missing Community Years ago, when I first began teaching at a Christian university, I asked a student at the start of a [...]

Building Thriving Science Laboratory and Classroom Communities

Science is a collaborative endeavor. Understanding of observed phenomena improves over time, as the findings of one scientist generate new questions that [...]

Cultivating Space for Christian Practices in our Science Classrooms

Our shared imagination of classroom science is created by the images, words, texts, and activities in which the class participates. For example, [...]

Could Humility Be the Heart of Our Classroom Communities?

If we desire humility to be an important value in our life together in community, especially in the classroom or science labs, [...]

Integrating Christian Virtues into the Science Classroom

I used to tell my physics students that I would know I had done my job well if they left my class [...]