In Defense of Reading

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Every now and then I run into someone who, upon finding out that I am a literacy researcher, patiently explains to me that with computers and the Internet, books will soon be things of the past and teaching reading will be about as valuable as teaching cursive. One of the Christian high schools in my […]

Love, Creation, Virtue as Models for Environmental Education

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Too many conversations about the environment and environmental education start off on the wrong foot. “What good is a prairie?” “Fracking is going to poison our water supply.” “We need to cap CO2 emissions.” Questions are raised about our values, priorities, and lifestyles—the many things tied intimately to our identities and the things we love. […]

Teachers Matter: Communities of Inquiry for Professional Learning and Development

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Teachers Matter

    To ensure a higher standard of learning, schools must insist on the best possible quality of teaching and create an integrated, collaborative, continual-growth faculty culture where practice and research unite (Barber and Mourshed). The Critical Impact of Teachers in Schools Recent research confirms what most of us already know—that high-quality teaching improves student […]

Learning in the Courtyard of the Gentiles: Ethos and Pedagogy for Healthy Faith Development in Christian Schools

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Learning in the Courtyard of the Gentiles

  Although Pope Benedict XVI’s papacy is well known for his rare decision to voluntarily resign in 2013, one initiative from his reign that might deserve more attention is the “Courtyard of the Gentiles” project. The vision for the initiative was to create a space in which believers and nonbelievers could discuss “the great questions […]

Karl Barth’s Mozart: Lessons for Christian Music Education

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Karl Barth’s Mozart

  Despite my title, “Karl Barth’s Mozart,” I should say that I am not here directly concerned with Barth or Mozart so much as what I propose are lessons for Christian music education. Specifically, I consider Barth’s thoughtful and emotional engagement with Mozart’s music and argue that Christian music educators are in a special place […]

Rooted In, Responsive To, Reaching Out

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In October 2013, the Christian Educators Journal, in collaboration with the Andreas Center for Reformed Scholarship and Service at Dordt College, sponsored a conference with the theme “ROOTED IN, RESPONSIVE TO, REACHING OUT: THE TASK AND IMPACT OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION.” The conference drew together over one hundred participants who, in lectures and workshops, dealt with […]