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April 2021

April 2021

April 2021: Books and More

by Steve Tuit and Abby Zwart We’ve almost made it. Summer is within reach, and weary teachers and school staff everywhere are turning their faces toward a vacation that promises to be one of the most well-deserved in decades. We will not Zoom or Google Meet. We will not scan handouts or show glitchy video [...]

Refreshing Curriculum: An English Teacher’s New Media Journey

Chris Steenhof “How are you?” A year ago this question was simply a greeting, but given the events of the past year, it has become something much different. COVID-19 has changed everything. These simple words have become a checkpoint, a question about how one is coping with a world that has been turned upside down. [...]

YA Book Suggestions

by Christi Tuit, Laura DeJong, and Justine Keuning-LaFrence As a school counselor, an ELA teacher, and a school librarian, we have always used books to help students connect to fictional characters in order to learn things about themselves. We have found that stories can help us to see truths that are hard to face and [...]

What’s Old Is New Again: A Review of The Green Mile

“The world is falling down around our ears” (King 133). If that sounds like an old man’s view, that’s because it is. When Stephen King wrote that bit for The Green Mile in 1996, it was meant to convey an old man’s dismay at the changing times. These days, we’re likely to agree and expand [...]

Francis Schaeffer’s Use of Questions Can be Helpful to Christian Educators Today

Great Teachers Ask Questions Great teachers ask questions. Like windows to a room, questions open minds to the wonders of God and His creation. Questions link big ideas together in the way bridges connect treasures from diverse and distant lands. Watch carefully and you will observe that great students also know how to ask questions. [...]

Connecting, Collaborating, and Cultivating a Relationship with Christ: The Journey and Resources of Two School Leaders

Jennie M. Carr and Tammy T. May Jennie and Tammy’s relationship is precious and has grown significantly over time. It’s hard to believe they met only three years ago through email. Initially, their relationship started as professional and mutually beneficial, supporting each other as a school principal seeking support for Title I students in math [...]

Review of Rediscovering Discipleship

Summary “Discipleship” is a word that is used often in churches but not as often used as it ought to be. Robby Gallaty’s book, Rediscovering Discipleship walks through the biblical idea of discipleship, the historical examples of it, the types of discipleship, and the elements that ought to be included in the process. Gallaty believes [...]