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Now accepting submissions for the following upcoming themes:

We are soliciting submissions for the 2022–2023 volume and would love to hear the perspectives of Christian educators from across North America. We’d be grateful if you would make room during your summer break or your fall semester to contribute.

Below are the issue themes for October ’22, December ’22, February ’23, and April ’23. If you’re intrigued, want more information, or have an article you’d like to pitch, please contact us any time this summer at cejeditor@gmail.com.

October 2022 (guest edited by David Smith et al.)—Science in the Christian Community

When we think about faith and science, it’s easy to think about the clash of ideas. But science is also made up of daily practices of working together in disciplined forms of inquiry. Christian faith brings to the task of science not just ideas, but also a commitment to certain ways of being together with others, a set of relational practices. How might those practices inform the way we learn and do science? In this issue we will explore how a focus on Christian community can shape specific practices and how those practices might be relevant to the science classroom and the laboratory. We will also share results from a research study examining the practical implications of intentional team practices for how Christians approach science.

This issue is guest edited and is not accepting submissions.

December 2022—Engaging Communities, Loving Neighbors

No school exists in isolation; each is part of a broader community with its own assets and challenges. What are the different ways that schools can work in and with the communities that they inhabit to form partnerships, enhance their mission, and work for the kingdom of God in their specific place? Articles may explore curricular connections, partner organizations, service opportunities, unique ways that schools celebrate the identity or history of their place, or other practices that Christian teachers and schools use to engage their broader neighborhoods and communities. The most helpful articles will present models that other educators can adapt to their own contexts.

Submissions due September 26, 2022.

February 2023—This Is Our Father’s World

Because the first instruction God gives his people is to care for his creation, that task is part of our mission as Christian educational institutions. How do classroom teachers teach environmental stewardship at different grade levels and in different subjects? What building practices and procedures do schools use to conserve resources and model care for God’s world? How is the glory of God’s creation celebrated in school activities, student activities, and curricula? We’re looking for articles from classroom teachers, administrators, custodians, architects, cafeteria managers, student environmental clubs, and community garden tenders about the way they’re having a positive environmental impact on God’s world. 

Proposals are due October 10. Articles are due November 14.

April 2023—Resource Review

Each year we highlight the best books, films, websites, teaching tools, and other resources for Christian school teachers. We publish reviews of student-facing material (like which books to stock in your classroom library) as well as materials relevant to school staff (like curriculums or books about teaching). 

Proposals are due January 2. Articles are due January 30.

Please check our Submission Guidelines