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Christian Educators Journal is soliciting submissions for the 2023–2024 volume and would love to hear the perspectives of Christian educators from across North America and the world.

Below are the issue themes and deadlines for December ’23, February ’24, and April ’24. If you’re intrigued, want more information, or have an article you’d like to pitch, please contact me any time: cejeditor@gmail.com.

CEJ aims to walk the line between academic journal and resource magazine. We welcome your research-based papers about best practices as well as your stories about specific units or programs at your school. Articles are typically 1500-2000 words and go through two editors on their way to publication. Check out our author guidelines for more information.

Thanks for your help in making CEJ a practical and inspiring tool for Christian teachers worldwide.

December 2023—Parent Partnerships

Connecting and communicating with parents is one of the most important yet challenging aspects of education in the twenty-first century. While the media is filled with negative labels like “helicopter” or “snowplow” parents and political leaders have weaponized parent-run school boards, parents are actually vital and valuable agents in their students’ academic and spiritual education. So: how does your school work with them? What are the best practices for communication at various grade levels? How do you encourage appropriate levels of involvement from parents? What do parent-teacher conferences look like at your school? Do you get parents into the building for career chats, field trips, or volunteering? What assignments do you give in class that encourage students to engage with their parents? We want to hear the success story of how you reassured parents about a touchy curriculum choice or enticed parents to attend a college fair.

Proposals (informal—just email us your idea!) are due September 1. Articles are due October 2.

February 2024—Inclusive Education

For this issue, CEJ is offering a set of guidelines about the most inclusive language to use when discussing diverse learning needs.

Christian schools have long been known as welcoming and supportive communities for students with a variety of learning needs. It has been more than a decade since CEJ has focused on inclusive education, and we are eager to hear how schools have found creative ways to include and support students with disabilities in the body of Christ. Ideally, this issue will include students with physical disabilities (e.g., Spina bifida, limited mobility, or visual impairments), cognitive impairments or emotional disabilities (e.g., Down syndrome, emotional impairment), or neurodivergences (e.g., autism, ADHD). What are the best practices for serving these students in the general education classroom? What unique programs does your school offer to enrich these students and those around them (sports, clubs, tutoring partnerships)? How do you train aides, parapros, and faculty alike? What physical spaces and adaptations do you offer? We’re hoping to hear from classroom teachers, support staff, inclusion coordinators, parents, and even students themselves. 

Proposals (informal—just email us your idea!) are due October 13. Articles are due November 13 .

April 2024—Resource Review

Each year we highlight the best books, films, websites, teaching tools, and other resources for Christian school teachers. We publish reviews of student-facing material (like which books to stock in your classroom library) as well as materials relevant to school staff (like curricula or books about teaching). Articles may focus on one text or may be written in a list style featuring multiple texts around a particular theme.

Proposals (informal—just email us your idea!) are due December 29. Articles are due January 29.

Please check our Submission Guidelines