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October 2021—Lessons from COVID

Conducting education during a pandemic has been challenging. Delivering lessons, supporting students, building community, maintaining enrollment, conducting extracurricular activities—every part of what we do has been affected. But challenges are also opportunities to grow. Our October issue will feature and celebrate the ways that doing education during a pandemic made us try new things that are worth continuing. Were there technological solutions that will adapt well to our non-pandemic classrooms? Did your school develop new ways to keep tabs on and support students with academic or emotional needs? Have previously disinterested segments of your school’s community shown potential for enrollment growth? What opportunities for professional or spiritual growth presented themselves in ways they might not have during a more normal time? Share your stories of what worked well that can be sustained or used as a foundation for continued growth. Submissions are currently open. Contact Steve and Abby at cejeditor@gmail.com to propose an article. Articles are due August 2.


December 2021—Speak Up

A look at most elementary, middle, or high school curriculums or standards will reveal that “speaking and listening” is a skill we hope students will learn before heading out into the adult world, but it’s a skill so basic that we may not always think intentionally about how to teach it best. In this issue, we’ll investigate some of those methods as well as other issues around speech. We’d love to hear from you! English teachers: tell us about the poetry recitation lessons you teach. Math and science teachers: How do you teach story problems? Theater directors: What are your favorite exercises for projection and enunciation? Speech pathologists: What can classroom teachers do to support your work? Chaplains: Do you train students to read Scripture or share their testimonies in chapel? Debate and forensics coaches: send us your resources for argumentation and civil discourse. Counselors and social workers: What sort of social-emotional language are you teaching students these days? And everyone: How do you convince timid students to speak loudly enough for everyone to hear their great answers?

Submissions are currently open. Contact Steve and Abby at cejeditor@gmail.com to propose an article. Articles are due October 4


February 2022—School Staff: A Precious Resource

Because the quality of teaching makes the most significant difference in the success of any school, the culture of a school faculty and the training and support given to teachers and staff plays a vital role in achieving a school’s goals. In a Christian school, this has implications for the spiritual development of students as well as their educational success. How do Christian schools develop cultures of learning and growth among their faculty? What types of leadership best help teachers succeed in their work with students? What kind of mentorship and support helps young teachers succeed, and what opportunities and experiences promote longevity and satisfaction in careers of experienced teachers? What are the elements of successful professional development? And beyond a free pizza lunch, how can we make faculty and staff feel appreciated and supported? 

Please contact Steve and Abby at cejeditor@gmail.com.

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