Moles for Monrovia, Puppets for Panama City, Kringle for Christmas, or Service for Springfield?

Music teacher Carrie Wellema pushed through the door to the staff room and sighed. The final bell had just rung and she could hear the shouts in the hallway as Bedlam’s students hurried out into the beautiful late October day. Carrie sighed because she had to chair a committee meeting on a gorgeous afternoon. A couple of minutes later, they started coming through the door: business teacher Red Carpenter; English teacher Christina Lopez, along with her student teacher Becky; shop teacher Gord Winkle; and finally art teacher Gregg “Rigor” Mortiss. Collectively, they comprised the service project committee.

Carrie waited until they all sat down, then waited a little longer until Gord was finished looking through the faculty refrigerator for unclaimed food (a service he preformed for free several times a week). Once they were all seated, she cleared her throat and began. “Okay, so the chapel team asked me again this morning what we are going to focus on for fundraising in chapel. Last year, when Rex was chairing the committee, we did that Whack-a-Mole for Monrovia fundraiser and I think we can all agree that was a debacle.”

Christina Lopez said under her breath to her student teacher, “It was a disaster that dreamed of being only a debacle.” Carrie pretended she hadn’t heard, and went on.

“So does anyone have any serious suggestions for a project to focus on?”
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