Understanding the Dynamic of Partnership between Christian Schools in Africa and the West

My objective in this paper is to formulate a Christian education vision for Africa, using Christ-centered biblical principles for constructing a viable society for the well-being of all Africans. We live as Christians at the crossroads of the biblical story (with its call to faithfulness), the story of postmodernity, and the African story, defining its own identity through renewal and transformation. We live in a culture where Judeo-Christian values are criticized for being intolerant; our culture endangers the very lives of our families and communities. Sadly, over the years, Christians have withdrawn from the public square into the “safety” of church sanctuaries and Christian school classrooms.

There is a crucial need for African transformational Christian education. No constructive development work on the African continent can be conducted without a working knowledge of the continent’s history.The powerful history of Africa has a direct impact on the present challenges facing the continent. We can look at the process leading up to development in education in Africa as a drama in three acts.

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