So Many Books, So Little Time

Our newest member of the panel, John Walcott, introduced the theme of this issue by sending the following message to the panel […]

Christian Schools and Community

September 10, 2010 Al Boerema starts the conversation about Christian schools and community. Good morning, I hope your year got off to […]

Issues in Classroom Diversity

November 17, 2010 Al Boerema introduces the topic: The theme of this issue of CEJ is diversity. Let’s talk about this from […]

The Goals of Christian Schools

July 29, 2011 Al Boerema introduces the topic for discussion: Hello team, One of the goal of schools is the development of […]

Technology in Schools

Al Boerema prompts the conversation: We and our students are surrounded by new media and technology. Reflect on the impact that you […]

Good Books and Good Reading

Al Boerema prompts the conversation: The topic for discussion this time is books and reading. Maybe you could write about your own […]

Transformational Teaching

Al Boerema began the conversation by asking the panel members to reflect on the tension between the standards/accountability movement that has taken […]