Psalm 23 for the Elementary Teacher

The Lord is my teacher; I won’t miss out on anything I need.
He makes me take a nap after lunch;
He takes me on field trips where he knows I will learn a lot.
He tells me I’m special to him.
He teaches me how to get along well with my classmates, because I am in his class.
His students are known for being kind and fair.
Even if I have to do scary things like go to the principal’s office
or face the bully on the playground, I won’t be afraid for You go with me;
the fair rules and consequences of your classroom give me security.

You spread out a year-end picnic for our class, in a great kids´ park,
where the bullies from the upper grades can see us.
You give us each a special gift and a card with messages unique to each one.
We smile shyly and are filled with warm joy inside. Then we run and play with delight.
Surely the multiplication tables, the writing skills,
the reading comprehension, the ability to solve word problems,
and my childhood friendships will be a solid part of me for the rest of my life,
and I will want to be like you, forever.