What Trips Up Our Leaders?

What Trips Up Our Leaders?


While preparing for a workshop last fall, I had the opportunity to talk to several leaders of both Christian and secular organizations; I asked them what causes leaders of schools to stumble. These executive directors and superintendents gave the following six areas that are consistently causing school leaders to stumble.


Board Relationships

Challenges in dealing with the board of directors included failing to connect with new members, not understanding the relationship between the principal and the board, the relationship with the board chair, a loss of trust in a principal by the board, different expectations, and an unwillingness to help a board of directors understand their role as governors.

Long gone are the days when a principal was finished after presenting his/her report at the board. These days, a principal and a board work as a team, with the principal leading the board and being accountable to the board. It is a very unique relationship that requires authentic communication and transparency to maintain a healthy balance.

Feedback from the superintendents I surveyed clearly indicated that this was an area where principals are running into serious challenges.
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