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December 2023

December 2023


As an English teacher, one of my main goals is to form students into effective and empathetic communicators. I teach them how [...]

A Christian Community of Learners or a Christian Learning Community? How a Podcast Brought Us Together

It was a Tuesday afternoon in early September of 2021. I had only recently started working at Langley Christian School (LCS) when [...]

The Great Debate: When Parents and Schools Disagree about Curricular Choices 

By Lesley Dorhout, Laura Maxey, and Erin Conn Disagreement and misunderstanding over curricular choices present perhaps one of the greatest threats to [...]

Twenty-First Century Strategies for Effective Parent Communications

Report cards, interims, and parent-teacher conferences were once the mainstays of teacher to parent communications. An occasional newsletter or notice home or [...]

Parents as Co-Teachers

In 1992, a group of Christian homeschooling parents who desired to remain active in their children’s lives but also ensure their academic [...]

Out of the Helicopter, onto Common Ground

Intro: As parents seek more involvement in their child’s education, let us lay out the welcome mat and explore ways teachers and [...]

Healthy and Honest Opportunities to Connect and Communicate with Parents

Our Why for Communication The definition of “communication,” according to Merriam-Webster, is “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through [...]

Are Teachers Parents or Pedagogues?

Teachers have it tough. Most are encouraged to maintain relationships with hundreds of students each year. We are taught by experts and [...]