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February 2021

February 2021

The Changing Christian School

Navigating Change

By Steve Tuit and Abby Zwart A Psalter Hymnal on the piano bench. Delft plates or tiles on the wall. Lace valances [...]

The Changing Christian School

When the editors of CEJ decided to produce an issue on “The Changing Christian School,” it seemed important to start by describing [...]

Our Beginnings

Surrey Christian School (SCS) was founded in 1964 by a group of Dutch immigrant families who were part of the Christian Reformed [...]

Remodeling Suggestions from the Builders: Ideas for Rethinking Christian Schools

by Bill Boerman-Cornell, Steven Harrison, and Neil Okuley When we taught in various Christian schools, there were moments when each of us [...]

Covenant versus Mission

I grew up in San Jose, California as the first American-born child to parents whose families immigrated to the US from the [...]

Re-Tooling for Anti-Racist Christian Education

As a carpenter’s son, I spent a lot of time on construction sites. Over time, I picked up a few skills and [...]