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February 2024

February 2024

Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education

One of my best friends in elementary and middle school was a girl named Rachel. We spent hours on the playground with [...]

A Biblical Case for Inclusive Christian Schools: Ten Pillars to Build On

This article is a revised version of an article published by ASCI in Leading Insights that applied nine pillars of disability theology [...]

Changing Our Practices to Practice Our Faith: The Journey of Inclusive Education

When I hear the dreams of parents who have a child with a disability, they often share a hope for belonging for their son [...]

Equipping, Empowering, and Encouraging Paraeducators

The backbone of any successful inclusive school is its paraeducators. Paraeducators are dedicated, generous, and willing to do what it takes to [...]

Inclusive Education: One Christian School’s Journey

In my many years in education—as a teacher, inclusive educator, and educational support program director—I have spent hundreds of hours at back-to-school [...]

To Know You’re Not Alone: Promoting Mental Wellness through Shared Experience and Empathetic Storytelling

Being a student is hard work—exhausting work, really. Being an adolescent means waking up each morning to the interminable, often unspoken, questions [...]

Collaborative Self-Care for Teachers and Students

Teachers are often told that in order to maintain the mental and emotional wellbeing that leads to longevity within their career, they [...]