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October 2023

October 2023


Like many of our most important words, “hospitality” can carry a range of meanings. In contrast to the slick imagery of the [...]

Teaching and Learning Civic Hospitality: Where Do We Start?

 This essay first appeared in Christian Teachers Journal volume 31 issue 1 and is reproduced here by permission. In too many contexts [...]

Our Civics and God’s Hospitality 

What makes a civics course “Christian”? While there are an infinite number of ways in which a teacher might approach such a [...]

Civic Hospitality and the Challenges of/to Pluralism

Nearly a decade ago, my university and our sibling seminary took an unconventional path to a prison-education program. We could have focused [...]

Hospitality, Politics, and Human Nature

While there is still a little over a year before the formal election day takes place in November 2024 for American voters, [...]

Hospitality and Schools: Four Lenses

If we want to think about hospitality and schools, we might be tempted to go straight to questions of personal warmth. We [...]

Herman Who? Hermeneutics, Hospitality, and the Bible Classroom

“I don’t like the apostle Paul.”  The assertion came after reading one of the particularly thorny and hard-hitting passages from one of [...]

Don’t Be a Jonah

As a teacher in a Christian high school—and a social studies teacher at that—the past few years politically have been a little [...]