The Cross and Gendercide

The good news of the gospel is never more jarring than when put alongside the raw facts of human suffering, yet that […]

Nuts and Bolts of Inclusive Education

Newman, Barbara J. Nuts and Bolts of Inclusive Education. Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Learning Center, 2013.  This book, published by Christian Learning […]

Death Before the Fall

Ronald Osborne begins the book with a vivid account of his experience growing up as a child of missionary parents in Zimbabwe. […]

Leaders of Their Own Learning

Entering the grade 5/6 classroom in New Covenant School in Arlington, Massachusetts, you need to look very closely to spot the teacher. […]

Future Wise

Future Wise

It’s a decision that is made every day, every hour, and every minute teachers are in the classroom as they answer the […]

Deepening the Colors

Deepening the Colors

When I was a child, I loved the sight of the flax field in bloom, and wondered how the soft blue of […]