On Which Side of Which Digital Divide Are You?

Another version of this article is available in the February 2012 issue of The LINK, a quarterly publication of the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia.

Once upon a time there was nothing to click, flick, or swipe (Ohler).

Enter Microsoft and Apple.

Then, for the fourth time in Western civilization, the cultural bedrock shifts, twists and shakes, creating tsunamis of change that wash over us as we strive to maintain our footing on a swaying hinge of history (McLaren). In his talk to the Christian Principals Association of British Columbia, Brian McLaren suggested four historical hinges of change: the invention of writing, the fall of Rome, the printing press, and the computer (McLaren). Ubiquitous CPUs, laptops, and tablets flood into every nook and cranny of our lives. Very few, if any, of us are immune to their abundant blessings and considerable curses. The enormous surge creates canyons and chasms among us, with suspension bridges that sway above the void. As the surge continues to flow forward into this decade, the original digital divide continues to morph into new gorges of separation.

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