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December 2022

December 2022


Think for a moment about the buildings you pass on your daily journey to school. You likely pass many houses—perhaps even some [...]

Reservation Community

Consultants will ask a classic question to help schools, churches, or other non-profits wrestle with their mission and vision: If you closed [...]

Seeing Restoration amidst Nervous System Fallenness

I teach middle school science in a Christian school, and a key component to my science teaching has always been the Belgic [...]

Professional Learning through Community Engagement: A Partnership between a Local Faith-Based K–12 School and a Teacher Education Program

Kevin Mirchandani and Nina Pak Lui As educational researchers and practitioners, we have identified the following challenges for teachers in the K–12 [...]

Effective Communication by School Leaders: A Case Study from COVID-19

Schools are not immune to crises. Whether it be an earthquake, wildfire, shooting, or global pandemic, schools will always be required to [...]

Art Education Toward Community

Community is not a place; it’s a people. It’s persons sharing. Artists can make communities more positive because art forms character. Character [...]

Engaging God’s World for the Sake of the Kingdom

Why Should We Engage?  The mission statement of Surrey Christian School is “Educating for wholeness by engaging God’s world in the servant [...]

Ten Lessons Protestant Schools Can Learn from Our Catholic School Neighbors

During my first three years as an educator, I taught at a small Christian school connected to the church I attended. When [...]

Rooted Schools: How to Be Present

This is a bonus article that does not appear in the print issue. It is included here in its entirety. We owned [...]