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February 2010


For those of us who are involved in Christian education every day, a discussion about why we do what we do may seem to be a case of restating the obvious. After all, Christian education is what we do, and asking why we do it and how we do it is a little like asking […]

Courageous, Compelling and Coherent Christian Education: Living the Biblical Story

When a Christian family is choosing a school for their child, what factors do they consider? To what do we as Christian educators invite them to participate? In this article, three common views of Christian schooling as identified by its claimed benefits are considered and critiqued against biblical priorities with the hope of encouraging Christian […]

Christian Schooling: A Spiritual Act of Worship

For many years, Romans 12:1–2 has been for me one of the key texts of scripture. So it surprised me when I learned just a few weeks ago how radical a text it really is. When Paul says, “offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship,” […]

Christian Education: It is about the Children

This article is adapted from a devotional presented at the annual general meeting of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools in November, 2009 by Leo Van Arragon, the Coordinator of Secondary Programs at OACS. Previously he worked in Ontario Christian schools in the elementary and secondary panels both as teacher and as principal.  He is […]

How I Came to Christian Education and What Teaching Christianly Means to Me

I’ve always joked that I landed my first teaching job in a Christian high school because I had supper with my sister-in-law’s parents at the nearby Dutch retirement building before the interview. As you probably know, or have guessed already, I am not Dutch (and apparently not much … please read this as a joke!). […]

A Practical Approach to Christian Teaching: One Million Helpful Tips

The following list is in random order, allowing the reader to create opinions easily and to glean any wisdom quickly. 1. Be a model. It’s you. Yes, your students are looking at you. Your words and your actions make a difference. Years from now, they will remember that you loved history, or rang a little […]

Who Is Influencing Your Kids?

Imagine you are with the same group of people during thirteen very impressionable years of your life. They influence your thinking for seven hours a day, five days a week. Then, on the “off” time, you hang around others who were with you during those seven hours. You start to view the world through the […]

Vision and Perspective

Question 1 Why can’t we operate like other schools and just teach rather than having to put so much time into this vision business? Although I attended a Christian college in preparation for teaching in a Christian school, I recall that my main focus in the first few years of teaching was lesson preparation and […]

A Unique Opportunity for Teachers

One of the latest initiatives some Christian Schools in British Columbia, Canada, are building into their school’s vision and operational goals is the opportunity for students, staff, and the school community to build a long-term partnership with a sister school in the developing world. To participate in such an initiative is to see how God, […]

Honking Geese, Ploughs and a Teapot: A Vision for Christian Education

Last November on a beautiful, sunny Sunday, my husband and I went for a long, leisurely walk through the fields. We heard a loud honking in the distance, and saw a vast flock of Canada geese in V formation. Suddenly the honking sounds escalated, and the entire flock made an enormous U-turn. Five minutes later, […]

Be Thou My Vision Statement—Or: A Mission Is as Good as a Mile

Jan Kaarsvlam recently emailed the CEJ board to discover why he was not given the position of editor.  He has learned, much to his distress, that they were concerned that his proposed thirty-six-part-series on the educational philosophy of Hendrick dePflegm (the little-known leader of a small group of Flemish immigrants who hoped to found a […]