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February 2020

Space for Learning

By Steve Tuit and Abby Zwart Where are you right now? There’s a good chance you’re in your classroom, a space you spend countless hours in each year. Look around. What’s on your walls? Student work? Anchor charts? Inspirational posters? Senior photos? The daily schedule? How are your desks or tables or exercise balls or […]

God Is a Creator, Not a Manufacturer

Every morning in schools across America eager children enter the front door, walk down the hall to their classrooms, and are greeted by posters that say “Welcome” or “It’s a Great Day for Learning” or maybe your favorite Bible verse. There might be an apple tree on the door, with students’ names on each apple. […]

Sacred Space: Responding to God’s Presence

We live in a noisy world that seems determined to capture the attention and hearts of children. Noise is ubiquitous! Canned music in stores and on elevators, television at the airport or in restaurants or the doctor’s office, leaf blowers, traffic, siblings, dogs, and on and on. . . . Quiet is a rare experience […]

Interview with Peter Baldwin

Peter Baldwin is President of AMDG Architecture in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he has worked for over 25 years. In the past 12 years the firm has worked on educational buildings for Christian educational institutions throughout the Midwest. Peter’s passion for his work stems from the belief that architecture has the power to build community […]

Educating in Places, Not Spaces

Geographer Mark Bjelland notes that a space is simply a set of geographic coordinates, whereas a place is a location that has become meaningful through human habitation. He goes on to define places as having three elements: (1) a material setting, (2) a set of social relationships, and (3) lived experiences that impart personal and […]

Get Outside: Creation as a Space for Learning

In this article, I am not going to cite the latest research. I am not going to analyze how all of what I am espousing will fit into the target goals or the state standards. I will not spend time justifying the value of intimately experiencing creation to an educational system that sometimes seems to […]