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October 2019

October 2019

Elephants in the Classroom

Teaching argumentation in the high school English classroom in fall 2016 proved [...]

How to Argue: A Biblical Guide to Conflict Engagement

Instead of seeing all the conflict in our culture as a threat [...]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Talk about Sexuality

If you haven’t read Michael Gulker’s article in this issue (“How to [...]

Raising Thoughtful Citizens by Teaching Logical Fallacies

Has there ever been a time when it was more important to [...]

Creation and Evolution: The Beast in the Science Classroom

Hanging on the door of my classroom is a copy of the [...]

Rethinking Egg “Whiteness”: A Call to Interrogate Colorblindness and Whiteness

A picture showed up in my Facebook feed in February. Two eggs: [...]

A Soft Answer

Take one apprehensive student-teacher in 1963, bred and raised in the almost [...]

The Metaphor in the Room, or Like Fodder for Elephants

Shop teacher Gord Winkel, as usual, was the last one to slip [...]