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February 2016

Dealing with Complexity

This issue may cause a certain amount of discomfort in our school [...]

Most Are Straight, Some Are Gay, and Why It Is That Way: The Science and Future of Sexual Orientation

This essay is co-published by <>, 2015 Should same-sex marriages “be recognized [...]

Creating and Protecting Safe Space for LGBT Students

To my seventh-grade classmates at my Christian middle school in suburban Michigan, [...]

Navigating Transgender Journeys

What role ought teachers and the school community play when a student [...]

Calling a Squirrel a Squirrel, or More Than One Way to View the Topic

A story is told about an “emperor’s-new-clothes” moment at a Christian school [...]

Practical Ways Teachers Can Support LGBTQ+ Students

When it comes to issues of sexuality and gender, I do not [...]

Reality and Hope for Gay Youth in Christian Communities

Disclaimer: The following opinions do not claim to represent the views of [...]

Of Humble Turnips and Inclusive Classrooms

Recently I heard from a friend who went to a relative’s one [...]

Transformation and Grace

John Walcott: When the editor shared with me that the February 2016 [...]

At Play in the Fields of the Lord: Or, Play Us a Song, You’re the Piano Man

It was third period and Bedlam Christian High School guidance counselor Maxwell [...]