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February 2018

When Teaching Gets Tough

In his money management course Financial Peace University (FPU), Christian financial counselor [...]

Social Media and Christian Schools: What Are We Going to Do?

Katie (not her real name), a high school junior, walked briskly toward [...]

Porn: Can We Talk about This?

I recently turned 41. Calling to wish me a happy birthday, my [...]

Faithful Citizenship and Political Conversation in the Classroom

Politics is unique in its capability to divide. By nature it is [...]

When the Teaching Gets Tough: Sexuality and Gender

Teachers in Christian schools care deeply about students’ well-being and growth in [...]

To Expel, or Not to Expel—That Is the Question

Teachers and administrators in Christian schools face any number of issues that [...]


In preparation for this issue’s P@nel.Edu column, Christian Altena, Justin Cook, Rebecca [...]

A Day in the Life

On Sunday, September 10, 2017, one of the biggest hurricanes in history [...]

Timid New World; or, Fear and Loathing in the Board Room; or, Childe Christina to the Dark Tower Came

Bible teacher Cal VanderMeer was sipping coffee and perusing the newspaper when [...]

Retire at Nobella Ville

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