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October 2011


One of the things that distinguishes Christian schools is the opportunity that [...]

Learning (by) Stories: A Future for Christian Education

This article was first presented as an address for the 100th Anniversary [...]

Faith Formation and Christian Schools: Trends and Suggestions

Times of intense change afford us positive opportunities to reshape institutions and [...]

Gardening Through the Holy Spirit

How do you function as a spiritual leader in your classroom? Are [...]

Teaching for Committed Openness

This article is based on a presentation made at the 2010 Ontario [...]

Student-Led Worship and Faith Formation

The bell rings for lunch, and the students stream out of their [...]

Loves of Learning: Thoughts on Christian Education

Often a chance to look back on familiar territory from an unusual [...]

Discipline to Discipleship: A New Path for School Discipline

Discipline Defined The word “discipline” has suffered negative connotations over the last [...]