On Holy Ground

“Ever since I was old enough to fold my hands and close my eyes, I’ve said prayers to God, answered ‘Jesus’ to […]

“In the Beginning George…”

I was drained. It had been an emotionally and mentally taxing class period. This lesson always was. Having experienced this lesson with […]

Losing Faith in Church

A young man in the circle decided to be vulnerable: “I have never seen an example of a Christian life in church […]

Faith AND Doubt

The young woman sat across from me in my office, visibly nervous. She was in her first year at Calvin College, and […]


Every day one of our Bible teachers selects a quote to add to the announcements scrolling on the TV screens around our […]

Doubt Away

The title of this article can be taken in two different ways, and I mean both of them. On the one hand, […]