Last fall I sat at the back of a classroom, one of many visited to monitor student interns, and watched a teacher […]

Shaping a Digital World

Shaping a Digital World

  I will admit that I initially did not intend to read the book Shaping a Digital World: Faith, Culture, and Computer […]

You Are Not a Gadget

“You are not a gadget “is the manifesto of Jaron Lanier, written last year in response to the way that the Internet […]

From Dittoes to Digital

As I look out my window this morning, I am struck by the beauty of the dazzling sunshine reflecting off of the […]

Technology in Schools

Al Boerema prompts the conversation: We and our students are surrounded by new media and technology. Reflect on the impact that you […]

The Practice of Using Technology

I was recently reminded of the truth of Clive James’s words: “It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you […]

Technology, Faith, and Practice

Technology? Social media? Have you examined your beliefs about these topics as a Christian and as an educator? Have we had the […]