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October 2014

Rooted In, Responsive To, Reaching Out

In October 2013, the Christian Educators Journal, in collaboration with the Andreas [...]

The Task of Christian Education in Creating an Inclusive Worldview

  In many ways, the lives and experiences of students with disabilities [...]

Karl Barth’s Mozart: Lessons for Christian Music Education

  Despite my title, “Karl Barth’s Mozart,” I should say that I [...]

Learning in the Courtyard of the Gentiles: Ethos and Pedagogy for Healthy Faith Development in Christian Schools

  Although Pope Benedict XVI’s papacy is well known for his rare [...]

Teachers Matter: Communities of Inquiry for Professional Learning and Development

    To ensure a higher standard of learning, schools must insist [...]

Love, Creation, Virtue as Models for Environmental Education

Too many conversations about the environment and environmental education start off on [...]

In Defense of Reading

Every now and then I run into someone who, upon finding out [...]