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December 2011

Guest Editorial

Welcome to this special issue of the Christian Educators Journal. Much of [...]

Even Greater Opportunity

You have already read of the importance of the Cardus Education Survey for [...]

Faith Lived Out: The Value of a Christian Education

The Cardus research study examined the role that Christian education at the [...]

Race Relations in an Evangelical and a Catholic High School

One of the most frequent charges brought against faith-based schools is that [...]

“Faithful Presence”: Dissonances and Distinctives in the Work of the School Head

“The work I do from day to day, week to week, and [...]

Curriculum and Cultural Engagement: Do Christian High Schools Enhance Students’ Cultural Engagement?

In 2010, Dr. Harro Van Brummelen and I conducted a research study [...]

Taming the Butternut Squash

Why does the lofty sunflower grow so large that the stem can [...]

The Goals of Christian Schools

July 29, 2011 Al Boerema introduces the topic for discussion: Hello team, [...]

Success Wars, or The Shop Teacher Strikes Back

Slouching toward Bedlam is the continuing story of a Christian school just [...]