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December 2011

Guest Editorial

Welcome to this special issue of the Christian Educators Journal. Much of the content of this issue is drawn from the recently completed first phase of the Cardus Education Survey. We appreciate the willingness of the researchers at Cardus to share this important material with us, and we trust that it will be helpful to […]

Even Greater Opportunity

  You have already read of the importance of the Cardus Education Survey for Christian school administrators, staff, and supporters. Elsewhere in this journal you can find summaries of the qualitative studies incorporated in the Phase I research. Here we will walk through a few of the most important findings of the quantitative research done by […]

Faith Lived Out: The Value of a Christian Education

  The Cardus research study examined the role that Christian education at the high school level plays in furthering the spiritual formation of its graduates. The researchers hoped that results would provide a better understanding of how Christian educators can better prepare young people to live out God’s call on their lives and to serve […]

Race Relations in an Evangelical and a Catholic High School

  One of the most frequent charges brought against faith-based schools is that they are divisive to society and foster intolerance. Such claims are made despite a growing body of research evidence to the contrary—evidence that has been available for decades. In the past twenty years, several highly regarded studies have noted that private schools, […]

“Faithful Presence”: Dissonances and Distinctives in the Work of the School Head

  “The work I do from day to day, week to week, and month to month . . . and I have to tell you, I fail and fall much of the time . . . is striving to be a servant leader. I am broken and so is my school, but I hope to […]

Curriculum and Cultural Engagement: Do Christian High Schools Enhance Students’ Cultural Engagement?

  In 2010, Dr. Harro Van Brummelen and I conducted a research study to discover the ways in which Christian high schools involve their students in (or shield them from) cultural awareness and engagement. Does cultural engagement take place within the curriculum, or does it happen primarily in extracurricular fashion outside of the classroom? Is […]

Taming the Butternut Squash

Why does the lofty sunflower grow so large that the stem can no longer hold the exquisite flower? Why does the intricate sky shows a myriad of different stars every clear night? Why did the butternut squash grow so large this past summer that it tried to obliterate the succulent peppers and tomatoes in its […]

The Goals of Christian Schools

July 29, 2011 Al Boerema introduces the topic for discussion: Hello team, One of the goal of schools is the development of our students, and in Christian schools, faith development is of prime importance. Let’s talk about this. How can Christian schools encourage faith development in their students, and what are the barriers?   August […]

Success Wars, or The Shop Teacher Strikes Back

Slouching toward Bedlam is the continuing story of a Christian school just like yours, only more so. We invite you to join their story and follow the characters from issue to issue and they grapple with the issues, problems, and triumphs at Bedlam Christian. It is written by Jan Karsvlaam, a retired Christian School teacher […]