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February 2014


The issue of bullying has become a major area of discussion in schools, especially in light of our growing awareness of the [...]

Voices of bullying

  Dr. Bill Boerman-Cornell and two of his students at Trinity Christian College, Matt Mulder and Kaitlyn Manning, asked other Trinity students [...]

The Bully Prevention Primer

  There is a child in your class with her head down on the table. She rarely makes eye contact, but rather [...]

The Older Ones First: A Relational Approach to Bullying

  We all know the story. Jesus standing next to the woman caught in adultery, looking at the circle of leaders granting [...]

Intentional Communities: Share Your Vision

  I was in a store looking to purchase a jacket the other day, and as conversation developed, the salesperson helping me [...]

Bullying: A Community Response

It is the middle of July and prospective parents are discussing with me and a board member why they desire to have [...]

Bullying Moves In

“He’s bullying me,” I hear in the hallway, and when I look over my shoulder, I see two boys who are obviously [...]

Reflections on Bullying

John Walcott introduced the conversation with the following: In discussions of how to combat, or avoid, bullying, the importance of community is [...]

Zero Dark Tolerance, or Bully for You!

Bedlam’s assistant principal, J. Hilliard, was known for neither restraint nor reflection. He tended to either quietly observe everything with a suspicious [...]

It Takes a Village to Raze a Child: An Educator’s Reflection on Lee Hirsch’s Film Bully

When I was eleven years old, my morning walks to the bus stop were filled with trepidation. Depending on her mood, my [...]